We need your help to continue running the schools and providing all the books that the children need to continue to learn with NFO. We also need your assistance with providing the soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste for their hygiene lessons.

These children are unable to afford their books so more often than not they need to share, which means they can't take the books home with them everyday to continue learning at home or sharing their knowledge with other family members.

How you can help the children of NFO:

Twice a year each child receives a learning pack and in these packs are pencils, pens, notebooks to write in and a text book to learn from.

1 set of junior books and pencils is just USD$6 per student

Beginners Learning Pack

1 set of beginners books and pencils for just USD$8 per child per year

All funds raised for NFO go directly to supporting the staff, children and associated costs of running the center, mobile book library and teacher training.
We have a team of international people who assist in running NFO however this is all voluntary and they receive no financial reimbursement for their time. You can be rest assured that only our Khemer team are paid so this is why we need your help.

So dig deep or just use your loose change to donate to help these children continue their learning pathway out of poverty through education!