KhnaRong School is located 17km from our NFO Centre. This school has four different classes across four different levels and age groups. Our teacher, Miss Thun Rachana, has been at the school since 2015 and she is a dedicated teacher who thrives on seeing her students excel. We have between 105 and 159 children attending classes at KhnaRong.

Miss Thun Rachana

The four levels of English that Miss Thun Rachana teaches - Smart Word for the beginners, Taking Off, Total English and New Headway Elementary for the more advanced.

Miss Thun Rachana is always looking for ways to improve her teaching so that the children receive the best lessons she can offer. During the year the children now have two exams to complete so that Miss Thun Rachana and our Education Manager Sokhak, can assess and see where we can assist the teachers and children in improving their skills.