Ben Mao School is located 8km from our NFO Centre in Takeo. This school has two different classes across two different levels and age groups. Our teacher Mr Tep SamNang is our temporary teacher while Mrs Nhem Sreychea is on leave.

Mrs Nhem Sreychea
Mrs Nhem Sreychea

Mr Tep SamNang is a dedicated teacher who was our teacher at Ben Mao School before Mrs Nhem Sreychea began in December 2018.

There are two levels of English being taught at Ben Mao - Smart Word for beginner and Taking off for the next level.

Mr Tep Samnang is using Audio Speakers in the class room to help with pronunciation, word cards and other teaching materials that have been learnt through our teacher training programs.

During the year the children now have two exams to complete so that Mr Tep SamNang and our Education Manager, Mr Touche Sokhak, can assess and see where we can assist the teachers and children in improving their skills.

Free reading time in between classes